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Mihir Araveeti.

I specialize in building applications combining my skills in software engineering and artificial intelligence.
Currently, I’m a senior computer science student at the University of Central Florida.

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About Me

I'm a computer science student at the University of Central Florida, graduating in May 2024. My strong foundation in computer science, combined with my dedication to continuous learning and growth, has driven me to excel in my coursework and projects.

My coursework includes Data Structures & Algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Object-Oriented Programming, Systems Software, Discrete Structures, Prompt Engineering, Security in Computing, and Processes of Object-Oriented Software.

As the President of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc., Lambda Chapter, I have honed my leadership skills in strategic planning, philanthropic initiatives, and community service. I'm passionate about fostering leadership development and making a positive impact in my community.

With my strong technical background, diverse skill set, and leadership experience, I'm well-equipped to tackle complex challenges and contribute to innovative projects at the intersection of software engineering and artificial intelligence.

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Internship Experience

  1. Data Science Intern & Team Lead - AI Camp

    Leading a team of 6 to develop an AI web application that generates personalized learning modules and improves student educational outcomes

  2. Software Engineer Intern - SEI

    Participating in a 10-week internship on an agile delivery team, assisting in platform development and wealth management solutions.







React Native











Vector Databases


Semantic Search


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Generative AI with Large Language Models - DeepLearning.AI


  • Plantify Mobile

    A user-friendly mobile app using React Native, which leverages AI-powered Plant.id API for plant identification and Firebase for data storage and authentication.

    React Native, Firebase, Git

  • ACEE (Artificial Cognitive Entity for Enterprises)

    AI chatbot that consolidates enterprise data into a searchable repository

    Next.js, Typescript, Google Cloud Vision API & Embeddings Models, SingleStoreDB Vector Database, Apache Airflow

  • PDF AI

    A Python-based application that uses AI/ML technologies like LangChain, OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo, and Facebook's FAISS to interpret and accurately answer queries from PDF content.

    Python, LangChain, OpenAI API, Facebook AI Similarity Search

  • Portfolio Website

    A sleek, responsive portfolio website designed to showcase my skills and projects, built with the power of React and Tailwind for modern web interactivity and performance.

    React, Tailwind, Vercel

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